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Ep. 03- Adaptive BC (Part 2): Where do we go from here? | Dr. David Lindstedt & Mark Armour

July 13, 2020

Episode Summary:

Shane continues the discussion with business continuity industry disruptors- Dr. David Lindstedt and Mark Armour- authors of "Adaptive Business Continuity: A New Approach" and creators of the Adaptive Business Continuity movement which started in 2015. In this episode, we  specifically discuss some of the hurdles they face today for going against the grain, their desire to enter into real debate about the value ABC brings, and we look ahead at where they want to take Adaptive Business Continuity. 

Key Points:

  • 1:24min- One of the most positive outcomes was the The Adaptive BC Advisory group.
  • 5:53min- The hurdles that ABC receives
  • 8:58min- How have those who represent the traditional standards received ABC?
  • 12:19min- Would they debate traditionalists?
  • 13:19min- Was it worth it all?
  • 18:16min- Characteristics of those that shift to ABC today.
  • 24:28min- Culture of organizations taking a look at ABC.
  • 26:29min- Whats next for ABC?
  • 28:37min- Whats next for the industry in David and Mark's eyes.

Guest Bios:

Dr. David Lindstedt is a speaker, author, and champion for business continuity. He co-founded and authored Adaptive Business Continuity: A New Approach. He is the founder of Adaptive BC Solutions ( and creator of three BC software systems. He consults, teaches, and advises on project management and business continuity.

Mark Armour is a business continuity leader with over 17 years of experience in the field. In that time, Mark has lead several global BC programs and has been directly involved in the response and recovery of well over a hundred separate operational disruptions, none of which were his fault. Mark is the co-author of the Adaptive Business Continuity Manifesto and Adaptive Business Continuity: A New Approach. He is currently the Global Director of Business Continuity at Brink’s, Incorporated, the worldwide leader in cash management solutions and secure logistics. 

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