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EP15: Building Your Personal Brand in BC | Luke Bird

October 12, 2020

Episode Summary:

For young professionals in the business continuity field, developing a personal brand might sound challenging. So on this week’s episode, we’re going to talk with someone who developed a personal brand within our field and explore just how they did it.  

This week, we talk with Luke Bird, FBCI CRISC. Since his career began, he developed his personal brand within Business Continuity by writing and networking with many other international professionals. His writing led to becoming a self published author of "BlueyedBC – Business Continuity for Junior Professionals" and most recently, becoming elected as a Director to the Business Continuity Institute’s Global Board.

Guest Bio:

Luke Bird is an award winning business continuity and disaster recovery specialist working in global financial services. 


Luke Bird Linkedin

Amazon- BlueyedBC – Business Continuity for Junior Professionals


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